How Far Should Parents Push Their Child To Succeed?

 Stock Photo ID: 78684245 Copyright:  newrock

Stock Photo ID: 78684245
Copyright: newrock

Parents want their child to succeed in life. They want them to have what they didn’t have and are willing to sacrifice, scrimp and save for their child’s education. But what do you do if your child doesn’t want to finish their education? What happens if their ambition for success isn’t as great as yours? We have to keep in mind that old cliché “you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.”

A child needs love and guidance, they need to be encouraged to find their own path and not always follow the well-beaten one. A parent should find and encourage the child’s passion; their talent could be that diamond that propels them to success. Getting involved with their school and taking an interest in the child’s activities shows not only support but that you genuinely care about their progress.

By broadening their horizon we can open the door to their imagination and possibilities. Throughout the child’s growing years we can bolster their interest by taking them on field trips. Visit museums; open their eyes to the arts and history. Have them interact with experiments at the science center; join an art group at the art gallery. Keep them active in sports; this will teach them discipline and the exercise will not only strengthen their bodies but also their mind. Join the library and visit the local theater. The more diverse their interests are the greater their portfolio will be for the future.

Children need to feel confident in who they are and unafraid to pursue their dreams. I remember a little boy who wanted to be a garbage collector when he grew up (the garbage truck intrigued him) I told him there was nothing wrong with that as long as he tried his best at the job he chose. Machinery appealed to him and he became a first class crane-operator for a large steel mill.

Pressuring a child into something he doesn’t want is defeating the purpose of success. Success isn’t always about the money; success is when you are happy with your job and look forward to going to work every day.

That old saying, children should be seen and not heard, is an expression that sadly rings true in many homes. We have to listen to our children; help them find their own niche. They should have their own voice and identity. They should fulfill their own dreams and not ours. Even if we don’t always agree with them we should support and help them achieve their dreams.

Parents give their children roots and wings. A good foundation of love, compassion and moral upbringing will be their compass as they pursue their dreams. In whatever they choose; their happiness is their success.


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