If You Could Change the World

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That old cliche “If I knew then what I know now” is the defining solution to what ails the world today. If I could change the world I would go back to basics, borrow a little from the past add them to the knowledge of today and find a solution that would sustain the world in harmonious symmetry.

First I would begin with the foundation, the infrastructure of society; the family.

1) I believe there should only be one bread winner in the family, and one parent staying home to raise the children until they are at least 13/14 years of age. Children shouldn’t have to come home to an empty house because both parents are at work. Children need structure in their lives. They need nurturing, encouragement, discipline, and moral upbringing. They need to feel confident in who they are and their place in society. They need to feel loved, and unafraid, they need to be taught to make their own path in life and not always follow others. Children need respect, in order to give it; they need to be taught not to judge people by their race, creed or colour. Children need rules and guidelines to follow, because in the outside world there are rules we must follow every day. Parents should keep the communication lines open with their children; listen to their concerns without being judgmental; help them find and encourage their passion. Let them find their own niche; they should have their own voice and identity. Children are the future. What we teach our children today will define the next chapter of our world and mankind.

Let’s count the way’s the family foundation could improve the world.

a) There would be less crime . . . because children were taught respect, compassion, and good morals; they didn’t need to join a gang to feel they belong. There would also be less sexually transmitted disease, decreasing the risk of HIV/Aids. Drug use would decrease because children are confident in themselves and their ability to make the right choices.

b) There would be less pollution . . . . because in a one income family we learn to recycle, wear hand- me downs, repair and mend things instead of throwing it out and buying new. We would probably have one car instead of two or three. We’d buy only what we need and not what we want. We’d pay cash and not use credit cards. If there was an item that we wanted, we would save for it. We’d buy within our means; we would be out of debt.

c) Medical costs would decrease dramatically . . . because in a one income family our meals are eaten at home. Home-cooked nutritious meals will eliminate obesity, which would decrease heart disease, diabetes, cancer, etc.

d) We’d build the path to peace in the world . . . because of the strong family structure, we learn to respect others. We aren’t born with hate, but learn it. If we teach our children to respect, listen, compromise; to think not only with our head but also with our hearts we’ll have a better world. Solutions will be found easier and faster if we use common sense, along with compassion and understanding. Everyone is the same no matter what country we come from. No one wants war, we all want peace.

2) To lower the country’s deficit, I would put a woman who’s a mother of a large family in charge of budgeting the country’s coffers. So far the government’s financial consultants with their PHD’s and Masters degrees haven’t been able to balance anything, ever.  Common sense tells me to put a woman who has a large family as a financial advisor in Parliament or the White House.  You don’t need all the degrees in front of your name; all you need is the basics of math, and common sense and the determination to balance the budget. When someone can raise six children, feed them, educate them, pay doctor bills, cloth them, etc., on a small income and still come out with a few pennies to spare, that’s who we need for a financial adviser.

3) I would have free education for every child, rich or poor. No longer would a child from a poor family be deprived of reaching his/her dreams because they couldn’t afford to go to school.

4) There would be free medical and dental for every child and senior citizen.

5) Everyone would be equal and treated equal. There would be no segregation or favoritisms. Forget about color; we’re not black, white, yellow, red, or brown; we are all humans.

6) In my world the Justice system would be fair. Father’s have been getting the raw end of the deal where divorce and custody is concerned. The law seems to slant towards the woman when it comes to custody and divorce settlements. Men who love their children should have equal rights to the custody of their child.

7) I would make Remembrance Day a National holiday. Veterans would get the respect and support they deserve, be it medical, financial, or anything they need to get their lives back in order.

8) If I could change the world there would be more affordable housing and more nursing homes for the elderly. I would have random, unannounced inspections of nursing homes.

9) I’d have random unannounced inspections for any large institution, police stations, hospitals, Public Utilities, City Hall, government organizations, industry, etc., so to make sure corruption doesn’t become an issue.

10) I’d try to unify world leaders and public organizations to finding a solution to world hunger and water scarcity.

11) I would have the world invest some of their good fortune into the poorer countries. When we become a friendlier world and show our willingness to help each other, and bring their country up to our standard of living, I think this could be the solution for world peace.

These are just a few of the things I would do to change the world. Everyone can make a difference all we need is common sense, determination, and heart.


2 responses to “If You Could Change the World”

  1. What a beautiful testament to what you have learned and believe; there’s wisdom and practicality in each passage.


  2. Thank you so much for your comments. It is greatly appreciated. I google+ your website. I enjoyed it very much. It’s like visiting an old friend.
    I look forward to visiting often. xx


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